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Hill Country Villa Rentals (airbnb)
David Brossette | 8 July 2016 | Latest | 0 Comments

This client built and rents 4 luxury villas on a 23 acre Hill Country setting, with a wedding venue

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Unbranded Tour
David Brossette | 7 June 2016 | Latest | 0 Comments

This Dallas client required an non branded tour for upload to popular home search sites and to follow MLS guidelines.


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Branded Tour with Your Photo
David Brossette | 2 June 2016 | Latest | 0 Comments

This realtor used the classic format with a head shot and contact information. She also had us incorporate video in the last Virtual Tour scene.


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Branded Tour with Logo
David Brossette | 2 June 2016 | Latest | 0 Comments

This client from Houston had us incorporate her Logo instead of a head shot as part of the branding. The branding appears 25 seconds into the Virtual Tour, but you can have it appear anytime

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Branded with Full Width Banner
David Brossette | 1 June 2016 | Latest | 0 Comments

The branding for this realtor spans the entire bottom portion of the video.  We work with you to create the personal branding look and feel that best fits you market and properties.

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Luxury Real Estate Branded
David Brossette | 30 May 2016 | Latest | 0 Comments

Luxury real estate listings shine when you highlight the special features custom homes offer. This realtor combines the Video Tour with professional photography and staging as a marketing advantage for her luxury clients.

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  • Using 12 Photos of your Listing
  • 60 Second Video
  • Up To 12 Animated Titles
  • Branded with your Photo and contact information
  • Using 18 Photos of your Listing
  • 90 Second Video
  • Up To 18 Animated Titles
  • Branded with your Photo and contact information
  • Using 24 Photos of your Listing
  • 120 Second Video
  • Up To 24 Animated Titles
  • Branded with your Photo and contact information
  • Add Unbranded Version
  • Allowed on MLS
  • Can be purchased independently at same price as Branded tour
with any tour
Create Branded Template (Free with a 2 package purchase)
  • Design your Video Branding
  • Your Picture or Logo and Contact Information
  • Used for all your projects
  • Required for first Video Project
one time only

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